Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship includes:
  • email promotions including the sponsor logo/ad
  • inclusion of logo/ad in the unique promotional video which is broadcast over various social networks
  • mention once per hour at minimum on the show or call itself
Sponsorship of a series of programs/calls also includes:
  • logo/ad inclusion on the blog site and our website
  • the opportunity to sponsor special events
We presently allow up to two sponsors per 2-hour show on Solutionz Live. We allow just one sponsor per call for the Executive Girlfriend’s Group.

Event sponsorships are also available for EGG to our multi-show sponsors. This includes our annual retreat to be held in May 2009 and various weekend events and receptions across the country throughout the year.

Once a sponsor is ready to move ahead to sponsor one or more shows, payment can be processed online.

We do not currently allow “pay for play” (e.g. a sponsor pays to support a given show and insists that they provide the speaker for the show). We will however interview a potential speaker from a sponsor company and should the speaker fit the show subject and profile, we will consider having that individual as a guest on either Solutionz Live or EGG.

Companies that support promotion of women in the marketplace can also become a Charter Corporate Member of the Executive Girlfriend’s Group for $10,000. This provides unlimited individual Charter Memberships for the C-level female executives and their direct reports.

For more information, contact Chicke Fitzgerald 813-925-0789 or

Friday, February 13, 2009

Solutionz Live! Sponsorships are available for the Solutionz Live! network

Solutionz Live! is a part of the Solutionz Media Network. For more information about Solutionz Live!, click HERE.

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